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There are many organizations working for the betterment of primary education in Hyderabad. But Government schools in villages around Hyderabad are in more requirement of volunteers to strengthen primary education. If you are willing to go to villages, here is Vandematharam Foundation. This organization is working toStrengthening of Govt Schools in Mahabubnagar(around 60-90km from Hyderabad) and Warangal districts.  
Some of its main activities are....           
LLL Programme - to strengthen linguistic and mathematical abilities of the students.
SSC preparation camp - organization conducts one month camp for selected 10th class students from government schools and train them for their final exams.
And they honor toppers by make them to fly and many more....
Teaches ethical values to students (Students offering padhapuja to their parents)
Akshara Vanam - Recently organization started a training cum Research center for orphan youth which accommodates and board to at least 100 orphan young adult students.
... many more activities like Value Based Education, Support Girl Child Education, Support Orphan Students....
To join Vandemataram foundation, Register your self as volunteer atVolunteer - Vandemataram Foundation
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