Contributing to quality of Education in Govt schools: Vandemataram foundation

Can our kids learn on their own?.
Will it help students to compete in global environment when they grow up?
Will it resolve issues of education system?...
-- Yes Confirms Vandemataram Research Team...
Education system should be transformed to truly student centric that is focussing on student learning rather than teachers’ teaching.
The traditional teaching using the black board, in a class room with students of multilevel abilities is ineffective that very few students who have the basic competencies to understand that particular lesson, only are able to follow the lesson.
The remaining students who form the majority of the classroom, remain disengaged because they cannot understand the lesson.
Who will teach those remaining students?
Can students learn and understand only by listening to lecture?
Their learning do not progress...How can learning happens if the student is disengaged?
VMF promotes student centric learning to achieve goals of education...
Vandemataram Research team moved to next important milestone to train "Little Leaders, Little Teachers" selected from its 130 centres of pilot projects...Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Guntur, West Godavari and Kurnool districts.
Little Teachers, Little leaders - Summer camp started on 21st April 2016 for 40 days at our educational research centre - Aksharavanam, Kalwakurthy, Mahabubnagar Dist..
VMF Team welcomes all of you to visit the camp anyday of your choice and feedback on the work.
Team Vandemataram,
094407 88282

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