Gift a Diary

      School days are certainly one of the best phases of one’s life. It’s the time when all you worry about is to find the eraser that fell under the desk while the teacher was busy explaining some important concepts.
There was enough time left for leisure activities after returning from the school. 

     Vandemataram Foundation launched a project, “Gift a diary"- for Government School Students was held on 21,Jan,2014 at Govt.High School, Ameerpet, Hyd which aims to encourage diary writing. 

Yes! Diary writing… 

   It was (and will always be) one of the innovative project which encourages children to write about their goals and aspirations, and helps to keep them focused. Although children may be too young to have career aspirations as yet, the future is nearer than they think. Keeping a journal is a life-long habit which is often started in childhood. So, ten years down the line children will be able to see things a lot more clearly after writing them down.

     Various survey results show that people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. Just like any other hobby, diary writing too requires an inspiration to initiate and a passion to keep it going.

     Vandemataram Foundation believes that the benefits of keeping a diary go much further than helping them to keep track of the year’s highs and lows. The first and obvious use of writing a diary is that it helps themselves to remember something later... a reference to look back on. It may be that they do not have time to work out what is going on right at that very minute - keeping a note in a diary helps them to recapture the moment later so that they  may look at it more deeply. It may also be that they need to remember to do something and the act of putting pen to paper  engages their brains. 

     To write, they have to think. By keeping records, one is able to monitor the practice. it allows them to look at themselves, their feelings, and their actions in a different way.

    During the project launch the following special guests who have taken time from their busy schedules to come a share their knowledge and experiences with the children

Shri.V.V. Lakshminarayana garu (Former Joint Director, Central Bureau of Investigation)

Shri. Nadheemuddhin garu (Indian Hockey Player)

Shri. Yoga Venkatesh garu (Art of Living Trainer)

    VMF believes that encouraging a child to pen down his feelings is no doubt a difficult task. Hence parents need to instill this habit from a young age of six to eight years depending on the child’s readiness to do so. Maintaining a diary is more a private affair usually and parents should at all times persuade children to focus writing straight from the heart and not worry too much about the impression it creates on others. 

   We take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, donors and volunteers for their tireless efforts in making this program successful and we look forward to holding more soon.

-- Vandemataram Team

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