Samskara Vikasa Sadhana - Yoga Vignana Shibiram (camp)

Conducted at ZPHS Gattieppalapally, Mahabubnagar District from 15th to 20th Jul, 2013 and closing day celebrated on 3rd Aug 2013 due to holidays for Panchayat elections. In this programme 250 students and 24 teachers got trained in this camp from morning 10am to 2pm everyday during the above period.
The programme is as follows:
1st Day - Introduction about yoga and morals
2nd Day - Human Values
3rd Day - Living Leadership Qualities and Looking at life with Positive attitude.
4th Day - Service, Environment Protection and Responsibility towards Family, School, Village, Country, Universe.
5th Day - Cultural Activities (Music, Patriotic Songs, Games, Dance)
6th Day - See goodness in everyone.
7th Day (closing day) –  on 3rd Aug. Students performs what they learnt last 6 days like Pranayama, Asanas, Cultural and Patriotic dances.
On this day students worshiped Parents, Teachers and Elders by doing Padapooja. School development committee members announced that, what they achieved in last educational year and their future plans for the development of the school and students.
The closing day Guests are SMC Vice Chairman Sri Sundarayya, PTA Chairman Sri Murthujali, Sri Madhava Reddy, Secretary, VMF, Sri Narsi Reddy, Mahabubnagar dist President, VMF, Village elders and 300 villagers (parents) participated in this programme. School students given cultural dance programs.
Thanking you
Team Vandemataram 
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