Yoga and Moral Values Sessions


        You know that foundation is conducting Yoga and Moral Values Sessions in Govt. Schools by Collaboration with Acharya Ramesh Guruji (Manava Abhyudaya Adhyayana Samsta) for 6 Days in each school from 6am to 10am for 6 days, till now in 15 schools we organized these sessions with the help of Head Masters and Teachers,

       After this programme we recognized very good change in school atmosphere. in students are saying that they are coming school after getting blesses from their parents only.

till now we organized this programme in 15 schools of Mahabubnagar District.

1st Day - Human Values

2nd Day - Living Leadership Qualities and Looking at life with Positive attitude

3rd Day - Service, Environment Protection and Responsibility towards Family, School, Village, County, Universe.

4th Day - Cultural Activities (Music, Patriotic Songs, Games, Dance)

5th Day - To see goodness in everyone.

6th Day - Worshiping Parents, Teachers and Elders (Padapooja), Meetings with Residents of Village and Teachers for the Development of the School.

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