Experiences of Youth for seva Volunteers visiting Vandemataram Foundation

It is a heart touching experience visiting the schools and sewa projects. We reached Govt. School in a village in Thorrur near Warangal Town at 10:30 AM with the help of Ravinder ji the founder of “VANDEMATARAM” organization. The main motto of this organization is to inculcate young minds with a love of learning along with the minimum social responsibilities that every individual should exhibit. They started the foundation by adopting 40 government schools in and around Warangal which is now spread over 125 schools in Warangal and 80 schools in Mehabubnagar. They conduct tuitions to the government school students before and after school working hours, volunteers go to schools, teach them on various subjects, and clarify their doubts. They also take sessions on moral education once in 3 months to mould the character of students to good citizens which is one of the loop holes of current education system lacking of human development and nation building in the education process. Ravinder ji delivered a speech about the warriors who sacrificed their lives for the Independent India, followed by the School Kit distribution organized by YFS.
Ravinder Ji shared his thoughts on the current society which is lacking the culture, traditions, ethics and also brotherly hood love. We had a discussion on the measures to overcome this. He says that as a citizen “VANDEMATARAM” foundation is his effort to bring the change in the society. We had a quick lunch and started to Warangal.
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