vandemataram foundation Annual Day celebrations at Government Schools - Mahaboobnagar District

Celebrations at government school were restricted mostly to National festivals.  Where as Annual Day Celebrations are quite popular among Private School. Private schools take great efforts in teaching dance, songs, dramas and ballets.

In order to recognize the hidden talent among the government school students VMF cultural team initiations has motivate and given  many students to participate in the cultural programme. Apart from cultural programme students were rewarded all those who achieved success in Academics, Environmental awareness, various competitions and for all round development. 


1. ZPHS Nagarkarnool
2. ZPHS Tudukurti
3. ZPHS Rangapuram
4. ZPHS Chandrayanapalli

This not only gave opportunities to the students to perform but also to their parents also to see and appreciate. 

Annual Day celebration not only requires trainers to train in cultural activities but also needs fund for stage arrangements, costumes, make up and laborious task.

This laborious task was made into simple task by VMF cultural team.

Cultural team 
Sri Ramachander, Sri Raju, Kumari Saritha, Sri, Mohan.
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