Closing Ceremony of 10th class Examination Preparation Camp - Warangal 9th Feb 2011 to 20th Mar 2011

Vandemataram Foundation On February 9, 2011 to March 20, 2011organized a 10th Class Examination Preparation training camp at Nithin Foundation, Thorrur Mandal, Warangal. As every event makes a start comes to closure at some point of time.  On March 20, 2011, the camp came to an end after imparting high quality training to students by imparting special skills on analytical skills, time management and writing techniques from examination point of view.

Sri Vijayachander Reddy, District President, Warangal presided over the ceremony. Chief Guest for the ceremony was Sri Shithikantananda Maharaj from RamakrishnaMath, Hyderabad.

Guests of honour were Smt. Leela Laskhma Reddy, president, Council for green revolution, Sri Lakshma Reddygaaru, Smt. Swethambari Gaaru. Sri Sruthi amma.

Sri Harishji, CI, Sri Manoharji,Sri Navin Rao garu, Sri Buchaiah, MEO, Thorrur and School Head masters, teachers and Parents participated.
Sri Srinivas garu, Academic In-charge, 10th class examination preparation camp - Warangal did put in his whole and sole in building character building amog the students along with academic preparation.Srinivasa Guruji Yoga Teacher conducted Padha Pooja to all teachers, parents by the students. It is the custom practiced by the Foundation to perform Padha Pooja. By Padha Pooja students not only seek their tecahers and parents blessings but also thank the teachers and parents for all their efforts put in upbringing and imparting best knowledge and education.
Special  Cultural programmes conducted by students of Government High School, Lakshar Bazar, Hanamkonda organized by District Education – Cultural development society.
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