VMF Visits High Schools in and near Suryapet, Nalgonda district

Destination: Suryapet- a revenue division, one of the major and cleanest towns in Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Population of the town is about 1,50,000. Suryapet is equidistant from Hyderabad and Vijayawada and is around 120km and about 4 hours by road from Hyderabad.

The Visit: Three volunteers from VMF- Balendra, Madhav Reddy and Navin Rao, on the 5th Feb, 2011
paid an evaluative visit to schools in and around Suryapet. The team first visited the ZPH School in Chivvemla, which is 5km from Suryapet. In the entrance of the school on the left side there are three class rooms under temporary sheds for 6th to 8th standards for English medium students each housing 50 students. This high school runs both Telugu medium (600 students) and English medium (150) classes and has 20+ teachers and 5 teachers trainees who are undergoing B.Ed training in nearby colleges. The 10th class by itself comprises more than 25% (175 students) of school strength. Mid-day meals are served in the Temporary sheds for English medium school facility itself. The classes 10thclass pass percentage was around 70% last year.

This being a complex school, 12 nearby Primary schools get benefited by their facilities. Most of the students attending these schools belong to tribal community and come from all around the district and some even from nearby Khammam district. So serving this school indirectly benefits all the tribals in nearby areas. The school is well equipped with computer lab. The school wanted some study material and also wanted to send few bright students to VMF 10th class examination (45-day residential) camp from February 9th in Thurur, Warangal which is 50km from Suryapet.


The Headmaster Avadhanam instructed all the 10th class teachers and 10th class students to assemble under the huge Banyan tree for interaction with VMF volunteers. Volunteer Madhav explained about VMF and how it is helping students by providing tuition centers in the school premises to high school students and he invited bright students to avail of the examination camps. Navin Rao spoke about Swami Vivekananda and His message to the youth about Sraddha (faith in oneself) and Brahmacharya (continence) for facing challenges boldly and improving academic performance. Balendra gave several examples of great people who started out poor still achieved great success in life. VMF Nalgonda’s representative Gandhi and school Headmaster talked about some of the future activities VMF could potentially conduct in the school. VMF gave medals and book of Vivekananda- His Call to the Nation, a compilation of Swamiji’s message to youth to high school students who addressed the gathering. These students talked about their career goals and gave advice to fellow students for improving academic performance.

The VMF team’s next stop was at ZPH School in Suryapet. The school has 350 students with 21+ teachers. The 10th class pass percentage is dismally low around 50% with absenteeism around 25%.


The 10th class students from nearby 8 high schools along with teachers, education department heads were invited for special VMF meeting from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Around 400 students and teachers participated. During the meeting girls’ education was stressed upon and announced how VMF can help bright girls pursue their college education through Sri Sarada Bala Vikasa Kendras. The schools were also receptive about running study centers in their campus in order to inculcate discipline among students and increase their pass percentage. The girls and boys were energized and showed enthusiasm in interacting with VMF volunteers. But due to time constraints only 12-15 students could talk. These students were given medals and books by VMF. Headmistress of one of the schools also spoke about how she got inspired after attending the meeting. The meeting ended around 5:40pm when the VMF team left for Hyderabad.
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