Konapur village at a distance of 56 KM from Hyderabad. It is 2KM from Ayyasagaram Kshetram.Around 120 students from class IV, V and 16 staff of BVB Vidyalaya participate in Varadhi Programme.
The students started from Hyderabad at 6:45am to Konapur Village. Firstly they visited Ayyasagaram Kshetram Temple of Swamy Veerabhadreswara and Mother Saraswati. All the students chanted  Saraswati vandana. After having breakfast proceeded to Konapur village. BVB students were given a grand welcome. Each BVB student was received  with a hibiscus flower.   Traditional Kolattam dance rally performed by Konapur upper primary school students amazed all. Few BVB students and teachers joined the rally and danced to the rhythmic tune.

The beauty of Konapur UPS is the school is blessed with four huge tamarind trees. These trees were planted by the village elders in order to ensure cool shade for the students. Then under the cool shade of four huge both the school together sang their respective school prayers. Then in pairs i.e., 4:2 ratio (4 BVB students and 2 Konapur students) accompanied by teachers left for village and field visit. For many of the BVB students it was for the first time they were visit village. They were amazed and thrilled visiting sunflower field, paddy field and tasting ripe tamarind. They were puzzled seeing old practices of cooking stove, pounding and grinding stones. Visiting potter, carpenter, and village huts and houses made them to realize that villagers were quite happy and accommodative than urban settlers. 

It was joyous moment when they sighted big size chameleon. Again, it was recollection of the lesson on 'Plants growth'. Amazed to sight Cows-calves, buffaloes- calves, herd of sheep and goats, bullocks, hens- chicks, dogs, butterflies and insects.

After the lunch students assembled for cultural exchange programme. Konanpur students performed a beautiful group dance composed by the cultural team member Ms. Sarita. BVB students also sang songs and danced to the music played. 

Then students and teachers exchanged their feelings about the visits.For many of the city children, the cool breeze of konapur gave a feeling of air conditioning effect. Many students preferred village life than to city. As fresh air and lush of greenery was the main attraction and is absent in the city. This was followed by Joy of Giving.BVB students distributed a school bag, notebooks and pencil boxes to all the Konapur students. A students of BVB sponsored  steel tiffin boxes to all the students. Similarly another student of BVB sponsored biscuits to all. Apart from this sports materials, water tanks,  educational charts, story books, school kit under Vatsalyapurana programme( orphan and single parent child) cloths for old, were also distributed.

Headmistress Smt P.R. Maheswari Madam wants to extend the programme as exchange programme and said that Konapur students visit to BVB Vidyalaya, Hyderabad shortly. 

It was indeed a memorable day and BVB students wanted to stay back in Konapur and spend at least one night in the village. Many expressed their revisit to the village along with their family members.

As any event coming to an end, this visit by the little heroes and brave girls too came to an end . They all started back at 5:00pm to Hyderabad. city.
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