vandemataram foundation Green Revolution-Phase-III

Last year, Vandemataram Foundation along with Council for Green Revolution set out Green Campaign in Waranagal and Mahaboobnagar Districts. Phase-I Motivation and awareness on environmental issues  on  and Phase -II -Distribution of Plant samplings. As part of Phase-III Smt Leela Laxma Reddy President of Council for Green Revolution and Vandemataram Foundation General Secretary Sri Madhava Reddy visited almost 40 schools part of VMF activities in Mahaboobnagar District to visit the schools and villages.

As it was announced that the best caretaker of plants would be awarded. Personal visit also gave a confidence that collective efforts would bring good results. On February 17, 2011 three ZPHS schools in Vatyam, Kummera and Tudukurti were visited. Around 5000 samplings were distributed in these regions and personal visit and tips on upbringing of plants boosted the children. Smt .Leela Laxma Reddy was touched by the involvement shown by school students, teachers and Villagers in making the villages as green and clean.
This year to She promised on behalf of Council for Green Revolution to distribute  more plants as a part of Green Campaign. 
Lets bring back the greenery smile in our villages and protect our environment.
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