Vandemataram Bharat Vikas sangama

23rd December 2010 1st January 2011

10 Days Conclave

The December 2010 program will bring good thought and good action together, to be showcased on one platform. Through Kalburgi Kampu 2010 the message of “man-centered thinking to nature-centered thinking” will reach out to all minds that are open to transformation and are willing to look at the future with a fresh and radiant mindset. The 10-day long events of Kalburgi Kampu are being organized to hit on the attitudes of mankind with its break-through thinking. Bringing together of “good people”, who wish to do good for the Country and its people, will in turn drive into a multiple confidence-building exercise, and will give a new strength to the “Sajjan Shakti” of the Country. Unification and strengthening of villages with the common thread of “Jan, Jal, Jangal, Janwar, Zameen, Zubaan”, and pooling-in of resources will inspire the much needed changes in the Country. The focus on being connected with nature will also bring about changes in the present disoriented work culture. This in turn will bring about change in outlook of both – the villagers and the city residents towards the villages. This new-age INVERSE thinking will dissuade the villagers from leaving their villages and the brain-drain of the educated youth from the Country and will eventually connect them back to their roots. A transformation of attitudes is the only means to protect the “Asmita” of our land. Each day of Kalburgi Kampu has been devoted to a specific theme as mentioned below :

VIKAS PRADARSHINI (23.12.10): Total dedication for total transformation

The Inaugural day of the program will be dedicated to exhibiting and projecting talents from all over India. It will be a confidence building measure for all the social forces. There will be around 500 stalls including a brief introduction of KBBS – Sedam, HKAV – Sedam and Bharat Vikas Sangam. The Pradarshini, which will go on till 1st January 2011, will bring to light the concerted efforts being put in by various good organizations and people towards Nation-building and will inspire the meeting-of-minds that is bound to happen in the following 9 days. Organic farming, swadeshi, alternate medicinal therapies are some of the themes that will be highlighted in the Vikas Pradarshini. All exhibition will be presented in Kannada, Hindi and English to make sure that the language does not put any hindrance for any body who has come to witness the Kalburgi Kampu.
MATRISHAKTI SANGAM (24.12.10) : Good woman makes a great Nation

The first day of the program will see the coming together of a congregation of over one lakh mothers and children below the age of 10 years. It is said that one mother is equal to 100 teachers. The important role of the mother in human development will be the emphasis. The interaction will help making the mothers more conscious of their role and will bring about an overall positive change in attitude towards rampant consumerism. A unique program “Kaituttina Uta” will take place wherein Mothers of Gulbarga will bring food from their home and serve the entire congregation with motherly love and affection, the life breath of Indian culture. This will be a great experience for all the visitors who will come to participate in Kalburgi Kampu.

GYANASHAKTI SANGAM (25.12.10) : Education is the manifestation of perfection already existent in man

There will be a collection of over one-lakh students from Vth – XIIth standards, teachers and school management from all over India. The day’s program will give boost to the learning-teaching process and will discuss its role in life building, with a strong emphasis on the importance of a sound value education system. Like a strong foundation is essential in making a building that can withstand the test of time, a strong value system strengthens the students to face any challenge in their lifespan. The students and teachers together will be inspired towards a more conscious educational process and in bringing forth an inspired and ignited new generation.

YUVA SHAKTI SANGAM (26.12.10) : Dreams float on turbulent young minds, a mind which wants to bring new order, an order of strength and thundering power

Over one lakh Degree students, University heads and youngsters between the age-group 18-25 years will be brought together on this day. The focus of interaction will be laying emphasis on higher education and developing soft-skills aimed at personality and career growth. An inspired youth can help the country usher in a quantum jump into unexplored vistas of positive growth. The day’s program will inspire them in taking the task of Nation-building ahead with a new fervor. The special focus is on entrepreneurship and creativity.

UDYOG SHAKTI SANGAM (27.12.10) : Facilitate production by masses

The Udyog Shakti Sangam will lay stress on the prevalent vision and work culture and the necessary and revolutionary changes required which will inspire a fervent growth of various home-based and small-scale industries (grih udyog and laghu udyog) and renew focus on self-employment. This sort of orientation of industrial growth will help in the equi-distribution of wealth and bring about an entrepreneurial outlook for today’s youth. Inspiring the congregation towards sustainable economic growth will be the focus of the program.

AROGYA SHAKTI SANGAM (28.12.10) : A sound body will be the home of a sound mind

The focus of the program will be on changing the attitudes of people towards their health and the measures to be taken for a conscious turn towards the alternate medicinal system. The emphasis will be on the motto “Prevention is better than cure”. The Indian kitchen is a storehouse of medicines and here is where people should turn to resolve their health issues. Lack of home-based solutions is the reason behind the use of Allopathic systems by the West. Dialogue with learned personalities will inspire change in attitude towards usage of home remedies, Yoga, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Siddha and Ayurveda. Awareness will make more and more people turn towards self-care and non-invasive means of health care, which will lead to usage of Allopathic medicines and treatments only in extreme cases.

GRAM + KRISHI SHAKTI SANGAM (29.12.10) : Krishito natu Durbhiksha

The motto “Mera Zila – Mera Desh” will inspire the congregation of villagers and agriculturists who will come together for the Krishi Shakti Sangam. Our Country is divided into 85 specific agro-eco-zones and each of them has very specific strengths and weaknesses. Their solution lies in finding area specific solutions and not blindly aping the West. The concept of Grih as the first place of worship, Vidya Mandir as the second place of worship and the Dev Mandir as third place of worship, will be planted during the day’s activities and will be the basis for further rural growth. The delegates will be inspired towards ways of best utilization of soil, water, natural resources, animals etc., thus prodding them from a machine-centric lifestyle to a cow-centered lifestyle. The change in attitudes towards the village will go a long way to deter the villagers from migrating to the cities.

DHARMA SHAKTI SANGAM (30.12.10) : Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha

How the link Desh-Dharma-Sanskriti is vital for a balanced and prosperous development of the society will be the main focus of the day’s interaction. The focus on the “Eternal Truth” as the base of Dharma will inspire the congregation towards “right action” and also building of the spiritual power of the Nation. The Sanskriti makes the Dharma, the Dharma makes the Desh and vice-versa – this interdependence is very evident and essential for the Nation’s strong value system and spiritual strength.

SEVA SHAKTI SANGAM (31.12.10) : Sevahi Paramo Dharma

A congregation of service-oriented people and around 5000 seva organizations working towards improvement of environment, women, children, handicapped, education, agriculture and various other fields, will gather for the Seva Shakti Sangam. They will gain strength by sharing their experiences on a single platform and will also refocus on changes that are still required in the society. There will also be insightful discussions on how changes can be brought about by concerted effort and pooling-in of resources amongst the various organizations.

BHARAT KUMBHA (01.01.11) : Krinvanto Vishwamaryam

Apart from the participation of Indian delegates, non-resident Indians and people of Indian origin will also come in the program. The last day congregation will be the most significant day of the conclave where all important dignitaries and delegates will take pledge with a renewed enthusiasm to put in all their energies and resources to strengthen their villages, talukas, districts; to build national and universal strength on a positive line of thinking and keeping “Nation Building” as their overall focus. The vision is of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.
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