Sri Sarada Bala Samskara Kendra Project - Inaugural Training program

“Children born of prayer will have tremendous will power and purity and they will achieve everything on their own. Even if put in most difficult circumstances they will come up in life.”

Based on this premise, Sri Sarada Bala Samskara Kendra project was launched by  Vande Mataram Foundation  with  the  blessings  and funding  from Ramakrishna math, Hyderabad. The objective of  this project is  to  imbue spiritual  values,  give knowledge  on  balanced diet and  pre-natal care to pregnant women, in rural areas. College going girl volunteers are appointed to
impart this knowledge to families and pregnant women in their villages on monthly basis.  The volunteers are in turn  are  trained by VMF toward the fulfillment of this objective. The girl volunteers are paid monthly for providing the above service and also for the daily tuition they provide to primary school students.

Sri Sarada Bala  Samskara Kendra project,  recently  conducted  the inaugural training program to college going girl volunteers in Thorur, Warangal district.

The training was held for 3 days from 16th to 18th December 2010 at the VMF training facility.  The first batch of 160 selected volunteers out of a total of 350 girl volunteers  attended  this program.  They were selected based on their economic background, educational qualifications and  aptitude for college education and higher goals in life.

By the afternoon of the 16th December, the girl volunteers most of whom are intermediate students (11th and 12th graders) along with VMF mandal-in-charges arrived at the training facility. To and fro bus expenses are paid by VMF. The volunteers settled down by late afternoon. Boarding and meals were provided by VMF at the training facility itself during all 3 days.  VMF spent
approximately Rs.250/- per person costing a total of Rs.40, 000 for the 3-day program for the first batch training. The remaining volunteers will undergo training toward the end of December 2010.

On the first day orientation was given by Mr. Ravindra, founder of VMF. On the second and third days experts from different fields were invited to talk on the importance of Balanced diet, Character building, and Nation building.  On the third day, Swami Sitikanthananda, Maharaj Niyamachaitanya, Navin Rao from RK math, Hyderabad and Mr Mallikarjun ‘Yoga Guru’ Retd. Chief Engineer, National Highways, Warangal attended the program.  Swami Sitikanthananda gave an inspiring talk on how great leaders are born to great mothers.  He pronounced the wonders that mental and spiritual cultivation by girls and pregnant women can do for the welfare of the country with the illustrations of several pious mothers who gave birth to great leaders. A well educated, morally and spiritual minded woman can become an excellent role model for not just her family but for the entire village.  Swamiji gave examples of Mahatama Gandhi, Shivaji, Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Bharata (after whom India was named as Bharat), Prahlada, Abhimanyu etc.  Maharaj Niyamachaitanya spoke briefly about self confidence and shared his positive
impressions on the program.  Mr Mallikarjun passed on valuable information to the volunteers about the role of good values, will power and the dos and don’ts in life.  Mr. Navin interacted with girl volunteers who were already providing tuition service including one girl volunteer who was able to provide tuition service to 70 students!   Due to lack of time only 15 volunteers could
share their experience of the training and the service they are providing to school children. They expressed their happiness for having attended the program. They felt that participating in the program not only enriched their knowledge but also enhanced their confidence. They all felt that they can greatly contribute to the welfare of the village.  The meeting concluded around
4:30pm with prayer and distribution of book set emphasizing the greatness of Indian culture and lives of national leaders. The books included Sumati Satakam, Sri Krishna Satakam,
Pushpanjali from RK math, VMF prayer book and more books on character building.  The books cost more than Rs. 300/- per person and were sponsored by various donors.

Thanking you,

Madhava Reddy Yadma
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