Meridian School Students’ Exposure visit to Mudvin Village Phase-II : vandemataram foundation

It was a great experience of the students of Meridian school visiting Mudvin village. Around 60 students with 6 school teachers , 6 Non-teaching staff and Head Mistress, Ms Usha Reddy  accompanied by VMF team members Sri Madhava Reddy, Sri. Srikanth, Sri Narsi Reddy garu, Praveen, and Anil started as early as 6:00 am on October 30, 2010 Saturday in four buses.

At Ayyaysagarakshetram breakfast was arranged and further they proceeded to Mudvin. Around 8:30 am they reached Mudvin.

Grand welcome by the government school children, youth association and villagers spellbound the spirit and exposure visit.

The Meridian students were welcomed by Mudvin school students who performed Bathukamma, Dappu and Kolaatam dance with full joy.

Each Meridian student was honoured with a bouquet of marigold flowers signifying warmth and long-lasting friendship.

Together they joined and performed Parade, salutation to mother Earth, Bharath Mata and Telugu Thalli was offered by singing Vandemataram, Ma Telugu Thalli and other glorious songs. Jointly they took Oath to respect and safe guard mother land.

These students were then paired in twos. Mudvin students then took his pair-met around the village, explained about various village level occupations like basket weaving, gold smith, black smith, and potter, so on.

Again visit to paddy fields, cotton fields, maize fields gave a quick look about agriculture. Interaction with farmers helped them to gain insight about cultivation, crop rotation, various stages of cultivations and related aspects of agriculture.

They also took them their respective houses and introduced to their parents, shared about village life, as a token of love gave them vegetables grown in their respective houses.

Visit to nearby Sarikonda were there is a pond and small hillocks. Villagers climbing palm tree fearlessly surprised and shocked Meridian students who probably were seeing palm tree for the first time. Villagers learn to climb various trees and acquire skills. This attitude of them teaches them to adapt and inquisitive towards learning in life. At the same time face challenges with lots of vigour.


Visit to primary Schools

Back to Mudvin proceeded to Government Primary school for Boys and Girls. The primary school students gave a splendid welcome to all.

Meridian Students distributed, sport materials, cricket, volleyball kit, football kit, disc throw. Dresses to orphans children. They also assured to extend support to these students towards higher education too.

Visit to Government High School

Here to every student was given one school kit containing with a pair of school uniform, a plate, a mug, notebooks, writing materials, moral education and story books1kg rice in addition to school bag. 

For the school   water drums, cricket kit, library books, various learning Charts in Telugu and English were distributed, World maps and India Political and India Physical maps were distributed. Mini Science lab components and apparatus were handed over to the Headmaster of Mudvin ZPHS.

These students carried material worth of Rs 2lakhs and distributed it among the students, school and village.

Lunch was organized at High School; this was followed by Cultural programme by Mudvin School Students. Meridian Students also joined them and gave entertained all with marvelous performance.

Students shared their experiences and benefits derived from this exposure visit.

Time to Depart:

The day's visit had to come to an end. Around 5:00 pm with heavy heart, as by then these students had mingled with each other and started their new friendship.

Assuring re visit i near future Meridian students bid adieu to Mudvin school students.
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