Green Revolution Campaign at various Mandals of Palamoor.

VMF in asociation with Council for Green Revolution has incorporated Green Revolution Cmpaign from this year. Healthy environment healthy body with Healthy mind

Council for Green Revolution under the chairmanship of Smt. Leela Raddy and Secretary Smt Swetambari Reddy have come forward in distributing various samplings toeards the restoration of greenary in every house, school and village in Mahaboonagar district. As small stepping stones leads to success, joining them VMF is motivating school children and village community to restore greenary.

First Phase: Motivation:

It is our pleasure to share taht we received tremendous response from school children, teachers, officials and village community towards Green Revolution campaign.

Second phase: Distribution of Smaplings.

Here is the report from Amanagal Mandal

Amanagal Mandal Report:

Amangal is one of the sixty-four mandals in Mahaboobnagar District, located to the south of Hyderabad at the distance of 74 k.m on the Hyderabad- Srishailam road.

Villages and schools covered are:

1. Kadthal-ZPHS, 2. Maisigandi-PS,3. Ekuvaypalli-ZPHS,4. Maripalli-PS, 5. Mundven-ZPHS, 6.Charigonda-UPS, 7.Akutotapalli-ZPHS, 8. Chettupalli-UPS, 9. Kowsaram-PS, 10. Konapur-UPS, 11. Amangal-ZPHS (3), 12. Murthuzapalli-PS, 13. Chandrayanapalli Tanda-PS, 14. Pulligonnibai Tanda-PS,15. Seetharamnagar Tanda-PS, 16. Ramnuthala-PS, 17.Vasudevapuram-UPS, 18. Kadthalpahad-UPS, 19. Govindarayapalli-PS, 20. Vittaipalli-UPS, 21. Mangalpalli-UPS, 22. Saibanda Tanda-PS, 23. Nochugutta Tanda-PS and 24. Polepalli-UPS.

All together 25,000 Plants samplings were distributed.

1. Fruit bearing Plants like Coconut, Mango, Sapota, Almond, Guava, Lemon,Drum stick, Jackfruit, Gooseberry and Jumlum(Neerala Pandu).
2. Medicianal/ Shade/ useful trees: Neem, Kanagu, Nemali, Sisu, Filoparma, GulMohor, Pagoda, Ashoka , Bogan vella and Reetha
3. Flower bearing plants like Jasmine, Hibiscus, Ganera, and Sacred trees like Jammi and Maredu were distributed.

Every school has come forward and formed Club for Green Revolution and has entrusted children as whole and sole responsible.
These children are not only planting at trees in their houses, neighbourhood and school but are also taking the responsibility of safeguarding them and growing them Every student is now involving in building their village as ideal green village.
It is also our pleasure that even the Education department and Agriculture Departements officials have come forward to join hands in propagation of this campaign.

Director of Education, Sri Sathyanrana, DEO SRI G. Hemanath, Dy. DEO, Smt Usha Rani, Retired Agriculture Officers,
Local MROs and MDOs. We are indeed indedted to School Head Masters, HeadMistress and School Teachers for their valuable support towards this noble cause.
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