A small light can throw a lot of light and clear the darkness

Migration, Backwardness and poverty are the hallmarks that one is reminded of Palamoor (Mahaboobnagar) District. Through out the country there is no major project that has been or is being built without the involvement of the Palamoor Labour. And nothing changes to these poor LABOUR wheather it is this Govt or that Govt. The change cannot be ushered in with a magic wand or in a split of a second. But a small hope is what can make a big difference. A small light can throw a lot of light and clear the darkness.

Pragnadhamam leased Building

Born in Palamoor and educated to the possible best extent as well as earning anything that is above the basic needs WE should come together and join hands to make this change happen. Education is the first step to development and there are thousands that are trapped in migrant labour moulds struggling to survive.

During the recent survey conducted by the volunteers of Vandemataram Foundation in Government Schools of Palamoor (Mahaboobnagar) region it was shocking to know that around 20-30 children per each High School are semi orphans as most of them belong to very poor, deprived and downtrodden families. In majority cases it is the single mother who is either widow or deserted by her husband who takes care of the family. The survey also revealed that in most cases, the absence of family head, the man either due to death or due to migration. The reason for more death were due to low and marginal farmers committing suicides, death due to snake-bite and death due to electrical shock, and migration being yet another causal factor.

These children though very active, enthusiastic and show eagerness to learn are forced to quit schooling, take to work as child labour, and start earning bread to support their families.
Again, it is quite shocking and also surprising that these children are not covered under any government schemes.

The birth of ‘Palamoor Pragnadhamam’ has taken place to impart educational support to these single-parent children of Palamoor as it is felt by Vandemataram Foundation to extend our immediate helping hands to our brothers and sisters residing in this region by the main focus being through education channelizing development activities in Palamoor.

Please spread this message of goodwill and development. Word of mouth is the most powerful communication ever.

In the first phase ‘Palamoor Pragnadhamam focuses on the following issues:

  1. Hostel for 100 semi orphan boys.
  2. Financial support to 1000 semi orphans in Government Schools.
  3. Educational centre for Palamoor students.
  4. Information centre for Unemployed youth.
  5. Research centre for aspirants’ and intellectuals.
  6. ‘Serve the District’ through this centre.
  7. ‘Help the individuals to help themselves’.

***we have thought of running this centre through small donations.

  • Every donor would contribute Rs . 250/- per month
  • Contribute 1 Quintal Rice (Rs. 2,500) per year

*** For ‘Palamoor Pragnadhamam’ centre we have leased out a portion of

Manda Mallamma Function Hall
Opp Hanuman Temple,
Karman Ghat,
Ring Road,

We kindly request your wholehearted participation in strengthening this centre. We also welcome your valuable suggestions.

Kindly respond with your views and suggestions to Sri Y. Madhava Reddy.

You can reach him through cell: +91-9440788282

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