Cultural Camp at Ayyasagaram April 24, 2010 - May 1, 2010.

Date: May 3, 2010

Most of traditional practices in the form of folk arts, dance and songs are being unheard and are losing their importance in todays world. Very strange is even the rural areas are being infected by glamour of urban. It is through this art morals, values and social responsibilities were taught to the society. These arts are binding source for community development. In order to revitalize these folk arts Cultural Camp at Ayyasagaram was organised.

Around 106 Boys of High School students from Akuthotapalli, Mudvin. Amangal, Ravichedu, Urukondapetta, Kalvakuruthi. Out of them 10 Boys Primary School Students from Konapur villages have enrolled in Cultural Camp At Ayyasagaram. These students are studying in class V, VI ,VII and VIII.

They were being trained in rich Jana-pada Geetalu and folk dance of Andhra Pradesh, that is diminishing or being unheard. They trained in 'Chekka Bajana', 'Chitikela Bajana' and 'Kolattam'. They are also trained in Master Drill and Patriotic songs.

Camp started on April 24, 2010 -May 1, 2010. It is a residential camp. These students are trained under Sri Shettipalli Mallaiah and Sri. Vampu Ramachandar (Volunteers and Foundation activists) , Sri Shankar (GHM) Dappu artists Sri Venkataswamy, and Sri. Gopal ( SGT).

Apart from getting trained in dance and folklore, they are also trained in yoga by Sri Ramesh guruji.

Feedback from students :

This camp is helping us in developing our 'Concentration'. This is giving scope for developing creativity and imaginations. The systematic training is also helping us to 'value time'. Exposure towards folk lore and dances is helping us to know about our rich culture and traditions and also helping us to break our inhibitions. The training is helping in sharing and caring. Working in group and
has enabled us to work in unity and harmony.”
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