Building Unity : Cultural Activities and Motivational Dances

Vandemataram Foundation, through cultural get-together activities is bringing transformation in the society. Much earlier Buddha to and Mahavira nobles have faced the challenges of the caste system and caste discrimination. It is sad to say but true even today that the existence of ‘caste feeling’ and practice of caste differences visible in our society. This visible indifference treatment and restricted social mobility among different caste group is high in rural areas than urban.
An unforgettable incidence in few government schools of Mahaboobnagar District forced the Foundation to put handle this delicate issue in a subtle way. As most of us all are aware that now the supplying of midday meal in Government schools is given to Mahila Groups. In few government Schools in Mahaboobnagar district the preparation and supply of midday meal is done by Schedule Caste Mahila Group. However, few parents belonging to Backward Class protested against the mahila group just for the reason that they belong to Schedule Caste and did not allow their children to accept the midday meal.

This sort of practice of caste discrimination is prevailing right from small children to grown up adults. In order to merge this gap and build a common platform for unity, Foundation through various cultural activities is igniting a spark that would burn the differences and light the spirit of unity and fraternity. At the same time it is our pride to share that by introducing motivational dance classes, this sort of caste discrimination is reducing in some of the villages and people belonging to different caste and class are coming forward and working towards community participation.
Likewise, Sri Ramchandra dance master and choreographer is rendering his valuable service by teaching dance to the school children studying in High school. He visits two schools every week and teaches dances on patriotic and devotional themes. This has made a positive impact on students who awaits for dance class and dance master. During the class Sri Ramchandra talks about our Foundation, our rich culture and tradition. He also gives talks on various dance form of our country.
During his interaction with kids, he encountered complains from school teachers.

In one of the schools, a teacher annoyingly asked Sri Ramchandra not to come, as students are more interested in dance class than normal school classes. So, he told kids that only those who complete school work and home work will be allowed in dance class. To his and teacher astonishment, students with enthusiasm are doing additional home work, lesson learning and school work. So, they are more regular to school and are showing more eagerness to learn.
school has become their 'first home'. This in fact, is encouraging and motivating Teachers and school Headmasters to be regular to school.
An interesting incidence that moved our dance master Sri Ramchandra -“A girl studying in class 1V th from Upper Primary School Sathamrai. Shamshabad Mandal Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh. She has lost her mother and has one elder brother and one younger brother. Father is working as 'hamali' a porter. This little girl cooks and does all work at home, comes to school and during lunch break goes back home with permission to fill water.
This girl does not miss her school and her dance class. She is quite determinant to learn and learn.
She says that this sort of determination and eagerness towards learning is due to her dance master's constant encouragement and listening to positive encouraging speeches”.

Now these children are invited to perform for various community programmes. A traditional dance master Sri Shettipalli Mallaiah from Shettipalli village is rendering his service in teaching traditional 'kollatam and chakka Bhajana' dances in Vittaipalli, Konapur, Yekvaipalli, Mudvin, Akathotapalli villages of Mehaboobnagar District. Children’s performance is moving the community to participate freely. This slow and positive transformation has boosted the Foundation to work towards strengthening community participation for various causes.
With a hope to see a positive transformation in our rigid society.
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