Present Scenario of Government School in the year of 2009-10

                      Students are not regular to the classes ,teachers were not available till September month due to their counseling,and even the text books are not distributed to the students till the month of September New teachers started their classes in the  month of September, after a month due to unfavorable situations happened in our state like sudden demise of Chief Minister then swine flu and flood  after that Telangana movement students lost lot of classes. Due to which only 40% of syllabus has been covered. In addition to above reasons pass percentage in rural schools is very low.
 The head masters of government schools in 19 mondals of Mahabubnagar and Warangal districts requested to  Vandemataram foundation ,they were asked for studymaterials for the students because they don’t know the full subject,but atleast for getting pass marks for this academic year,so that they requested Vandemataram foundation to help them,because this foundation was distributed studymaterials for the last three years,and Vandemataram foundation was conducted a councelling and motivation classes for the slow learners .Finally our foundation decided to help those students by providing them the study materials,but this year due to finantial problem we are seeking help from others

  • Only 40% of syllabus has been covered.
  • This may lead to pass percentage only 40 to 50%.
  • Failed students in 10th in villages are showing lot of interest towards antisocial activities like they will  addict to smoking , drinking and bad habits.
  • And even some of students who fails in 10 th class ,they are attempting  suicides with un matured mind
  • These failed students couldn’t able to successful in life, some of them in these are going towards criminal activities.
  • Thousands of like these students are idle and jobless in villages..

  • As exams are approaching, to make students at least pass in their subjects, are proposed previous years papers published by Vijetha Publications costing around Rs. 95/-.
  • It is proved that from our past record to read these papers they got minimum pass marks.
  • Transfer this we have our volunteers in every village to monitor around 3500 students.

  • We are requesting every donor to donate $ 2 towards one student.
  • This donation maybe helpful for total of 3500 students.
  • One can serve either one, two or more.
  • Even though we are giving minor contribution,but it changes the life of one student 
        Please help and make your neighbours also doing help

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