A touching mail from a Friend of Vandemataram Foundation

All of you read many unwanted mails to the end .But this is one of the most wanted mails to be read till the end as a citizen of India.

We are happy to share our wonderful experience of our visit to 10th class examination camp conducted by Vandemataram Foundation on 1st March 2008.

Sorry for the delay of this mail. As planned all of us joined Ram and Raghu at Begumpet and started to Wardhannapet. On the way Raghu gave all the details of how the Foundation originated and the motive behind it. He played a CD of the activities conducted in Ravindra Bharathi on Bhagatsingh Jayanthi . That was a heart touching experience which pulled the patriotism inside our hearts in the form of pearly tears. You don't believe that the children of these Government schools have performed so beautiful in the cultural activities. Do you believe that was the first ever experience of an outing for these children. But their performance was awesome.This foundation is the brain child of Ravinder. Ravinder is the man behind this mission who dedicated all his fortune, time patriotism and passion . The mission works for the reformation of the existing Government schools in the state. The wonderful thing in its functioning is they aim at refining already existing but under functioning Government education system.

Many of us are unaware that there are Government schools in almost all the villages, but only very few of them offer good education. Have you ever thought of how many kids in our country are getting their basic primary education ? We might be happy about growth and prosperity of only 15% of the population in the cities and towns. Even that has been achieved only because of good education. Vandemataram foundation is targeting at this left out 85% of the population, aiming for minimum basic education for the children in government schools. The aim behind is to make every Government student to emerge as a good citizen of India. Around 600 volunteers are working for this cause. As a first step they begin with interacting with Parents , Teachers and children of government schools. They conduct Akshabhyasam for all these students taking oath from the parents that they will continue the child's education despite the problems they may encounter. They also celebrate Rakshabandhan by tying Rakhis to all the villagers taking a promise that these children will not be called for child labour and will be helped to continue their education. Is it not a wonderful Idea of committing the Parents and Villagers. They also organize Parents teachers meetings and Annual days for all the schools covered under the foundation. They encourage students and teachers by issuing them performance awards. They provide necessary books and stationary for these children.

All these activities have brought up a great change in the mindset of the parents, teachers, students and villagers. Now they send their children to the schools, they marvel the happiness of the activities the children perform. Vandemataram foundation has achieved a magnificent revolution in Education system in around 220 schools. In Warangal and Mehaboobnagar districts covering almost 10000 students.

As a part of this Mission, the foundation has aimed at getting some of the chosen (Talent exams) 10th class students towards free intermediate seats by training them score 530 marks and above. For this they have conducted a 10th class examination camp for one month in which they follow an organized strict time table for studies and other activities. These camps are conducted yearly. All the facilities offered to the students are free of cost and the foundation organizes with the contributions. All of us visited one of these camps at Wardhannapet in Warangal district in which around 150 students were given training. It was the most wonderful, touching experience for all of us. We interacted with the students and volunteers there. We found so many dreams in those eyes. Their discipline and dedication seemed to be much more than us..

They had many questions about the options to choose after their 10th standard. We told them that Sky is the limit for their achievements. Some students shared their problems and how they have overcome them to reach till that day. They have many dreams and aspirations. Only the thing they need is a small helping hand. A helping hand from the one whom God has given enough.

All of us are here reading this mail because we have at least enough in our life and are capable enough to lend a helping hand. It will be most satisfying to many of us to contribute for these examination camps. Let us all collect together and contribute from Intelligroup. If wanted individual receipts will be given so that you can use for tax excemption. Interested employees can contact IN CSR Team.

The foundation also provides free Intermediate education for Girl students and the details regarding the adoption of students for education will be sent in the next mail.

Thank You very very much Ram and Raghu for giving us such a wonderful experience and opportunity to share the Vision of Vandemataram Foundation.


Team CSR.

Intelli group


The Capital had some very unusual visitors on monday, 5th May 08. They were
a bunch of sixty enthusiastic students from schools in villages of Andhra
Pradesh, who are aspiring to become the IT professionals of tomorrow.
Attending a personality development program conducted by Vandemataram
Foundation, these students, fresh from appearing for their 10th class
examination and armed with a mind full of questions, marched into the
campus at about 11.30 am. The Admin team at The Capital took the
responsibility of showing them what an IT company looks like and how it
works. A look at the office set-up, facilities, security policies and the
working environment left them awe-struck and our executives proceeded to
explain to them what an IT company is all about, and the kind of services
that are provided by us. After the showing around and explaining that
lasted for nearly 30 minutes, it was time for doubts and queries, all of
which were answered at best. Finally, at about 12.30 pm it was time for
them to leave. The experience, they said was very enlightening before
bidding goodbye. For us, it was a very refreshing one, after all, not often
do we have such a bunch of unusual visitors.

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