Paying tributes to Sri. Late Shyam Mohan Avvari,

April 25, 2008,

Vandemataram Foundation prays for peace to the the soul of Shri Shyam Mohan Avvari a great individual that inspired a lot of people.

I think most of you don't know Shyam Mohan Avvari in person. He is one of our great contributors and inspirational leader/individual. It is very unfortunate and tragedy to inform that he passed away last week. He was very interested in helping poor people. He sponsored 2 girls (Tuition fee & books for 4 complete years) to achieve their Bachelors of engineering and he also worked in different South African countries to help set up commodities franchises to generate employment. Please join us in extending your thoughts and prayers to his family.

Paying tributes to Sri. Late Shyam Mohan Avvari,

April 25, 2008, 5.00 PM

Gowthami vidya dhamam.



Sri. Late Shyam Mohan Avvari, aged 36 and an ardent supporter of the activities of Vandemataram Foundation, has passed away on March 21, 2008 in US. The members of the Vandemataram Foundation have decided to convene and pay final respects to him at the recently held Student training program in Hyderabad.


The get-together was attended by:

  1. Sri. Shiv Kumar Reddy, Founder and Correspondent of Gauthami Vidya Dhamam
  2. Sri. Raghu Ram, Program Coordinator, Vandemataram
  3. Smtl. Deepa Suresh Palsikar, wife of Late Sri. Shyam Mohan Avvari
  4. Dr. Suresh Palsikar, Father-in-Law of Late Sri. Shyam Mohan Avvari
  5. Sri. Raju Dachapally, Close friend of Late Sri. Shyam Mohan Avvari
  6. Kumar Samhitha Avvari, Daughter of Late Sri. Shyam Mohan Avvari
  7. Sri. Shyam Kumar Avvari, Brother of Late Sri. Shyam Mohan Avvari; and
  8. Students


The program was initiated by Sri. Raghu Ram by introducing every one on the dias along with a quick mention about Late Sri. Shyam Mohan. Later he asked the kids to come forward and explain, in their own words, as to what Vandemataram is all about and their programs. Few students came forward, introduced themselves and explained about what’s going on there.

It was followed by a speech by Sri. Shyam Kumar about his brother Shyam Mohan; what he was and what he wanted to do along with few pointers on how he became what he was. The three key elements of success were discussed with the help of couple of stories from ancient Hindu scriptures and then concluded the message pleading every one to focus on what they are doing irrespective of results.

The next speaker was Smt. Deepa who was elated to see the kids and their confidence in them. She expressed her happiness to be there and wished every one her best.

Sri. Raju asked every one to focus on learning without paying much attention to the marks they may get. He wanted people to look at things broadly and not confine themselves to one field or area.

The program was concluded with few remarks and note of thanks by Sri. Raghu Ram.

Later, Sri. Raghu Ram gave every one a walk-through on the various programs that are being undertaken by the Vandemataram organization. It was extremely encouraging to see how the movement is taking good shape from grass roots level. Sri. Raghu Ram was assured of every support by Sri. Shyam Mohan’s family and to continue what he wanted to be involved with.

This was followed by a personal interaction with kids for about 45 minutes where kids have asked various questions about overcoming challenges, fluency in English, educational opportunities, etc. It was good to talk to these students who seem to be enjoying overcoming odds to succeed in life. A great feeling about spending the evening fruitfully with those bright kids.

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