Vandemataram Foundation

We at Vandemataram FOUNDATION convey you our best wishes and also communicate our deep regards for your noble gesture shown by you and your friends
from US.

The Financial Support extended by you and your friends were spent in the right earnest to
help the students of government schools for their over-all development and allied
activities in favour of poor and needy students. But unfortunately, I could not
communicate the happenings at right time due to paucity of time as self was engaged in
field works. Since it was a beginning, we were also running short of human resources.
However, now the things have been streamlined to certain extent and I am in a position to
intimate you in a nut shell, that the financial assistance provided by you and your friends
were used to implement following activities:

A) KISHORI VIDYA VIKASAM: Under the banner of ‘Kishori Vidya Vikasam’ the
Foundation took up the cases of meritorious girl students who would leave school after
their 10th class examination. It was observed that the parents became reluctant to continue
the education of girl children after class 10th for the reason that the education after class
10th becomes a costly affair for them. The intermediate or Junior College would be
situated in distance areas from their villages which would cost on an average Rs. 8-15 per
day per student. In addition to this the student has to purchase the books and also pay the
fee for the college. Till the class 10th the education for girls are free. They would get free
bus passes, free books, and no fee for education. The parents had accepted this situation
up to class 10th. But after that they generally deny further education since they become
unable to spent money on the girl children and so they are insisted to get married despite
the fact that the girls were good in studies and they wanted to continue their education.
Intermidiate books for kishori vidya vikasam girls

Training camp for kishori girls to run tuition centers at their own villages
The Foundation identified 500 such girls from Mahaboobnagar and Warangal districts
and extended them required financial aids so that they could continue their studies
without being burden on their families as far as their further education was concerned.
The girls later after coming from colleges are tutoring the small class students of
government schools in their villages.

Kishori girls working as tutors for their village children’s

B) ENCOURAGING MERITOTIOUS STUDENTS: A poor student of rural area
has no other choice but to study in Govt. schools. They do not have a good atmosphere of
studies in their house or society. Despite this they get first division with 60% marks or so
as toppers of their classes. They could have been done better if they would have been
provided with better situation. The Foundation conducted a talent test in 120 government
schools from Mahaboonagar and Warangal districts amongst 8000 students of class 10th
and selected 250 students. Out of them 160 students were short-listed. The Foundation
organized a preparatory study camp for them in Wardhnnapeta in Warangal district. The
idea was to prepare them to excel in SSC entrance examination. Best teachers of the
District were engaged to give them the lessons and training. Through group discussions,
daily class test on the basis of model test papers they were provided an atmosphere of
competition in the camp. Many a corporate colleges have agreed to give them admissions
in their colleges if they score the qualifying marks scheduled for the admission in their
colleges. In addition to this, the colleges would also provide these students free education
along with books and other possible assistance. The camp was highly useful for the
participants and they hope for a better future.

10th class residential camp for talent students selected from 120 Govt Schools.

CLASSES: The education is not free for the poor students once they enter into
Intermediate colleges. 40 such poor students of Veldanda Jr. College had approached the
Vandemataram Foundation to provide them text books. The Foundation considered the
matter and got the donation from Mr. Ananth Reddy from US. The required books were
given to those needy students in the name of Yennam Bacchi Reddy, father of Mr. Anant
Reddy. After the necessity is over, those books are to be returned to facilitate the students
of next academic year. This yeomen service has helped the needy 40 poor students to
continue their higher studies in Junior College.

Providing Text books for Veldanda students in memory of Yennam Bachireddy f/o Ananth reddy USA

These educational assistance programmes have exhibited an enhancement of interest in
studies among poor but meritorious students who, despite having a will to take up studies
and further higher studies could not do so.
And you’re lending a hand and your financial help has proved a remarkable milestone in
this venture. We hope your continued support and best wishes in the years to come for
uplift of the poor but meritorious students in making their career and a good citizen of

‘Vandemataram Foundation’
Andhra Pradesh.
Ph: +91 9440 788 282
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