Vandemataram foundation update on Independence day

Aug 7th 2007

Vandemataram foundation has donated 130 books for the library of this rural school. The programme was attended by Mr Ravinder Rao, Mr Madhav reddy Yadma, the local MPP Mr Madhavayya, An NRI wo is a native of Mukraala, Sarpansh Mrs Renuka The Programme was shot and telecast on Gemini TV

Aug 7th 2007: Grandalaya vaarotsavaalu and Environment protection Exhibition...Environment and Library Week celebration: Aug 7th 2007..Special programme to highlight environment protection held Students asked to make models of environment conservation. Postbox: Suggestions and queries as well as complaints from students accomodated through a special postbox hanged in the school premises.

14th, 15th Aug 2007

Children from the Vandemataram foundation supported schools have been selected to participate in the Republic day Parade Mahaboobnagar district. A total of 180 children were selected to participate and perform in front of the District collector, Superintendent of police, sub collector, G Chinna reddy Rural development Minister. The children from Chukkapoor, Madugul, amangal, veldanda, kalwakurthy 80 girls adn 100 boys had the jubiliation of their life time to perform here.
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