The Government schools have been a source of hope for primary education in the rural landscape. The schools have been affordable, nurturing and a nucleus of turning the future citizens into a better tomorrow but have remained stagnant, neglected and unappealing.

Vandemataram Foundation now has an activity spread covering over 50,000 children in 135 such schools in Warangal and Mahaboobnagar districts. The children have been inquisitive, bright and talented. To streamline their talents into proper channelised energies, the foundation has taken up several programmes for the students, teachers and the community. The idea is to bring the school back to the nucleus of the society, an objective propounded by Dr.Abdul Kalam.


During the regular visits of the volunteers the one thing that was common among the students was that there was no proper guidance to the students. The Vandemataram foundation has as a matter of fact taken up student counseling program (SCP) in the govt high schools and upper primary schools. In these sessions the students started complaining of lack of congenial atmosphere at home for their studies. As part of the broader programme the foundation launched the Student enhancement programme (StEP).

The StEP target group:

The programme is aimed at students studying in Government schools and pursuing their 10th class appearing for SSC board exams.

The Student enhancement programme (StEP):

The Student enhancement programme (StEP) is an effort to bring in a small but qualitative intervention in the lives of the students deprived of facilities but with an urge to excel in their careers. There are children who are intelligent and sharp enough to excel and scale great heights in government schools but are deprived of facilities and congenial atmosphere as well as lacking in guidance in going ahead.

StEP is aimed at students located in remote and rural as well as slum areas. It aims at bringing the children in to collective study and group discussions while providing crucial inputs in the form of counseling, with help from teachers and community leaders.

Study centers

The programme includes special attention from the teachers in the classroom as well as proper guidance. A special initiative to counsel the parents would be included in the form of monthly parents’ and teachers’ meetings. The estimated 135 regular study centers in the schools of Mahaboobnagar and Warangal districts would make the students convenient and bring in the bets in them.

StEP Experiment 2006

In the academic year 2006-07 a total of 222 Upper primary schools participated in the programme from 120 villages. A total of 8,300 students benefited the programme. Students from 7th class in the StEP programme topped their class in 6 mandals.

The other important and noteworthy result from the StEP is that for the past two years the programme has worked and achieved results that are amazing. For example the 10th board exams gave 100% pass result to 4 schools and that’s no exception either in the 7th class public exams with equal no of schools achieving 100% result.

In schools that were never thought of 400 marks out of 600 there was 540 touching marks after the StEP implementation.

The foundation has also provided ALL IN ONE reading material from the examination point of view to the students for better convenience. The ALL IN ONE has been circulated to a whopping 9000 students who benefited from the material. This year the foundation has taken up the task of providing simple and monthly inputs to the students. The Foundation in association with Vijetha competitions has decided to distribute the study mate series of books to the students at subsidized price. The magazine would be provided at subsidized price to the students.

Examination Preparation camps

All that the foundation has done is conduct special classes for the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th class students 2 months before the final exams. It is heartening to see children walk long distances to attend the StEP that shows their commitment to grow in life. Vandemataram foundation would like to see the result of a smiling and flying out in colours on the faces of all the children in the government schools.

For now the foundation just wants to implement the StEP in Mahaboobnagar and Warangal districts in a small way and go and reach the fruits to all others that are in need.

Support the StEP:

By strengthening the

The budget

Honorarium for volunteer: Rs.500/- p.m

No of study centers : 130

Training programme : Rs.15,000/- P.a.

List of schools in which VMF Study cirlces and StEP is being conducted:


1 Z.P.S.S Vardhannapet Lekkala Madhava Reddy Vardhannapet

2 Z.P.S.S Upparapalli Srinivasa Reddy Vardhannapet

3 Z.P.S.S Illanda Ailayya Vardhannapet

4 Z.P.S.S Lyabarthi BandiSuryanarayana Vardhannapet

5 Z.P.S.S Nallabelli Ailayya Vardhannapet

6 Z.P.S.S Panthini Narsimharamulu Vardhannapet

7 Z.P.S.S Nandanam Vardhannapet

8 Z.P.S.S Ayinavolu Vardhannapet

9 Z.P.S.S Dammannapeta Vardhannapet

10 Z.P.S.S Raamaram Ramaiah Vardhannapet

11 Z.P.S.S Katryala Vardhannapet

12 Z.P.S.S Torruru Yakayya Torruru

13 Z.P.S.S Gurtoor Sadanandam Torruru

14 Z.P.S.S Velikatta Somadasu Torruru

15 Z.P.S.S Maatedu Raja Papireddy Torruru

16 Z.P.S.S Sharipirala Abraham Linkan Torruru

17 Z.P.S.S Charlapalem Torruru

18 Z.P.S.S KanthayaPalem Torruru

19 U.P.S. Ammapuram Murali Torruru

20 U.P.S. Chityala Torruru

21 U.P.S. Nancharimadooru Torruru

22 U.P.S.(Girls) Torruru Torruru

23 Z.P.S.S Parvathagiri Parvathagiri

24 Z.P.S.S Chowtapalli Parvathagiri

25 Z.P.S.S Gunturupalli Parvathagiri

26 Z.P.S.S Enugallu Parvathagiri

27 Z.P.S.S ChinthaNekkonda Parvathagiri

28 Z.P.S.S Konkapaka Parvathagiri

29 Z.P.S.S Vadlakonda Parvathagiri

30 Z.P.S.S Anantaram Parvathagiri

31 Z.P.S.S Boorgumadla Parvathagiri

32 Z.P.S.S Gopanapalli Parvathagiri

33 Z.P.S.S Dawlathnagar Parvathagiri

34 U.P.S Annaram Parvathagiri

35 Z.P.S.S Rayaparthi Rayaparthi

36 Z.P.S.S Mailaram Rayaparthi

37 Z.P.S.S Kotturu Rayaparthi

38 Z.P.S.S Perkavedu Rayaparthi

39 Z.P.S.S Kondapuram Rayaparthi

40 Z.P.S.S Konduru Rayaparthi

41 Z.P.S.S Moripirala Rayaparthi

42 Z.P.S.S Thirumalaayapalli Rayaparthi

43 Z.P.S.S Sannuru Rayaparthi

44 Z.P.S.S Sangem Sangem

45 Z.P.S.S Gavicharla Sangem

46 Z.P.S.S Lohitha Sangem

47 Z.P.S.S Bollikunta Sangem

48 Z.P.S.S Thimmapur Sangem

49 Z.P.S.S ElguruRangampet Sangem

50 Z.P.S.S Mondrai Sangem

51 Z.P.S.S Kapulakaniparti Sangem

52 Z.P.S.S Thimmapoor Sangem

53 Z.P.S.S Jafferghad Jafferghad

54 Z.P.S.S Koonuru Jafferghad

55 Z.P.S.S Venkatapur Jafferghad

56 Z.P.S.S Uppugallu Jafferghad

57 Z.P.S.S Thimmampet Jafferghad

58 Z.P.S.S HimmathNagar Jafferghad

59 Z.P.S.S Thammadapalli(G) Jafferghad

60 Z.P.S.S Jafferghad Jafferghad

61 Z.P.S.S Sooraram Jafferghad

62 Z.P.S.S(Boys) Ghanpur(Station) Ghanpur(Station)

63 Z.P.S.S(Girls) Ghanpur(Station) Ghanpur(Station)

64 Z.P.S.S Thatikonda Ghanpur(Station)

65 Z.P.S.S Pallagutta Ghanpur(Station)

66 Z.P.S.S Chgallu Ghanpur(Station)

67 Z.P.S.S Nashkal Ghanpur(Station)

68 Z.P.S.S Ippaguda Ghanpur(Station)

69 Z.P.S.S Samudrala Ghanpur(Station)

70 Z.P.S.S Chinapendyala Ghanpur(Station)

71 U.P.S Krishnajigoodem Ghanpur(Station)

72 Z.P.S.S Raghunathapalli Raghunathapalli

73 Z.P.S.S Kanchanapalli Raghunathapalli

74 Z.P.S.S KhilaShapoor Raghunathapalli

75 Z.P.S.S Nidigonda Raghunathapalli

76 Z.P.S.S Aswaraopalli Raghunathapalli

77 Z.P.S.S Komalla Raghunathapalli

78 U.P.S (Girls) Raghunathapalli Raghunathapalli



81 Z.P.S.S Palakurthi Palakurthi

82 Z.P.S.S Bommera Palakurthi

83 Z.P.S.S Muttaram Palakurthi

84 Z.P.S.S Vavilala Palakurthi

85 Z.P.S.S Chennuru Palakurthi

86 Z.P.S.S Gooduru Palakurthi

87 Z.P.S.S Eeravennu Palakurthi

88 U.P.S Valmidi Palakurthi

89 U.P.S Mallampalli Palakurthi

90 U.P.S Dardepalli Palakurthi

91 Z.P.S.S Nellikuduru Nellikuduru

92 Z.P.S.S(Girls) Nellikuduru Nellikuduru

93 Z.P.S.S Errabelligudem Nellikuduru

94 Z.P.S.S Mupparam Nellikuduru

95 Z.P.S.S Aleru Nellikuduru

96 Z.P.S.S Munigalaveedu Nellikuduru

97 Z.P.S.S Rajulakottapalli Nellikuduru

98 U.P.S Sriramgiri Nellikuduru

99 U.P.S Raavirala Nellikuduru

100 U.P.S Kachikallu Nellikuduru

Mahaboobnagar district : 26 schools

Kalwakurthy mandal

1) Girls High School Kalwakurthy

2) Govt High school Kalwakurthy

3) ZPHS Kalwakurthy

4) ZPHS Marchaal

Veldanda Mandal

1) ZPHS Veldanda

2) Girls High School Veldanda

3) ZPHS Peddapoor

4) ZPHS Taandra

Vangoor Mandal

1) ZPHS Vangoor

Midjil mandal

1) ZPHS Midjil

2) ZPHS Madaram

Amangal Mandal

1) ZPHS Amangal

2) Girls High School Amangal

3) ZPHS Kadtaal

4) ZPHS Ekvaipally

5) ZPHS Akutotapally

Madugul mandal

1) ZPHS Madugul

2) ZPHS Kolkulapalli

3) ZPHS Irwin

4) ZPHS Avoorpally

5) ZPHS Irvin

6) ZPHS Nagilla

Talakondapally mandal

1) ZPHS Talakondapalli

2) ZPHS Chukkapoor

3) ZPHS Pelzaaal

4) ZPHS Padakal

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