Student counseling in Govt schools by VMF

Vandemataram Foundation: July 25th - 31st:
The Foundation has taken up a drive to counsel students, teachers as well as parents so taht the school and school education come back on track. In the week long drive 4,000 students both boys and girls from 10 govt schools were counseled. Along with them parents were asked to come and they were counseled to let them know what their kids feel. 200 parents came to the counseling sessions in all. They were happy to listen to their children spell out their problems. While the parents promised to take care of the children's problems, the teachers volunteered to support the children. The best part of the issue was the teachers are now stress free and happy to meet the parents who otherwise never came to the school and dumped all responsibility on the teachers.
In some schools the village elders came forward to share the responsibility of bettering the school and its infrastructure. Its been years since anybody touched upon the issues and everybody felt light hearted.

VMF Veldanda ZPHS:
The 10th class students of this school 100 of them were asked to write their situation in their family and along with it a goal in life. The children were asked to put on paper their complete SWOT analysis of families and their situation. The children put such wonderful things on paper and the analysis was without second thought an amazing feat. All the children gave an impression that they have the ambition and what was missing was just co-operation from parents and family who are not educated.

Not only the identification of the problem but they have indicated solutions like sticking to their goals and requesting VMF to guide them properly. The teachers after a one hour counseling have agreed to stay after the school hours and tutor the kids.

VMF July 29th 2007:
The programme was organised to counsel both parrents and children with the need for education in the todays world. Since all the children in the Govt schools are poverty bitten they are lacking in morale and direction. Even if the child acquires a motive and goal the parents and the family normally doesnt give much of an importance to it. The result is a huge dropout of students after 10th or even before. Vandemataram Foundation has taken up this qualitative intervention to bring awareness among the parents, children as well as the teachers. Sri madhav reddy and Sri Narsireddy took the initiative. Mr Madhav Reddy took a detailed session seperately with parents teachers and the Children.

The crucial co-ordination that ones sustained the primary education system has broken for a long time. The sorting out of issues like convincing the parents to not to allow children especially oin the 8th, 9th, 10th classes and the children promising not to miss the school.

VMF: Study material
The study material in association with Vijetha competitions was released by the Rural development Minister, GOVT of AP on July 28th 2007.
Last year the Study material was given as bulk which didnt come of much handy to the children. So this year with a renewed effort to reach thich the students we have negotiated with the Vijetha competitions for their classmate series to be supplied every month in neatly packaged readable amounts. The material costs Rs 15 in the market and for VMF the VIJETHA COMPETITION has provided it for Rs 10 and an additional 8 pages of moral sciences and good habbits as well as friendlky advise.

In the Talkondapally ZPHS, VMF conducted Student counseling for 500 children all from 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th clases. The children were so receptive and Mr ravinder rao was inspiring and motivated the students to take an oath to go for higher studies. The sarpanch, incharge MPDO have participated in the function.
The problems faced by the school were discussed in the meeting aferwards and the sarpanch promised to do all the needful to make the school a better place for learning.

Perumalla Sunitha, D/O Venkataiah, 10th class, Talkondapally ZPHS
My life ambition is to become a doctor. My family is dependent on farming. They can only afford to get me until intermediate ie., juniour college but I want to study well. I got 482 marks in my 9th class. If I become a doctor I promise to support more children like me for good studies.
I want to reada very well after going home situations at home are convinient but financial status is very bad. Myelder sister is doing her degree cant say if she can complete because of financial problems same thing with me too. Also they believe that why should a girl child study higher studies. It is better to get her married, is their opinion. I wake up early in the morning 5:00am and go to bed only after 10:00 pm.

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