Mahaboobnagar dist activity report

Brief Note

Mahaboobnagar is one of the poorest and most backward districts of the state. The state has a nagging migration problem that affects the children directly and turns them into child labourers. There is an over 1 million migrant population that according to district administrations’ statistics reaches not just Hyderabad but as far as Gujarat, Rajasthan and even Assam and Bihar.

Children who cannot afford a slate, children who cannot afford a school fees, who are talented and intelligent but cannot afford the EAMCET application fees, who have just a single pair of clothes, Girls who are brilliant but are forced into marriage thanks to the pitiable poverty in millions of homes all these are but a reality in 100’s of 1000’s of villages across India.

The Vandemataram Foundation would not be able to help all of them but we are sure of influencing and motivating most of them back to school or fresh in to the schools. It is our strong resolve to change the face of the schools and make them joyous and playful at the same time centers of change and the beginning of a new tomorrow.

The other side of the coin is that a once buoyant, inspiring and nurturing Govt school and its teacher are now dull and source of all the neglect both by the Govt as well as the community. The community once had the school as its nucleus and the school in turn had the complete support and involvement of the community. One reason that can be attributed for this constant attention is the standards maintained and the school had representation from all sections of the society. Today the case is different, the rich and middle class are looking for a quality that is best while this prompted the private entrepreneurial talent the Govt schools have lagged behind bound in the beaurocratic rule books.

The effort of the Vandemataram foundation has been to bring in fresh air and ideas with encouragement to the teachers and administration. The foundation has also been acting as a catalyst to influence parents and children to go and involve in the school activity.

Till date the foundation active in 7 mandals and 26 schools all upper primary schools of Mahaboobnagar district has been able to influence the school authorities and community to participate in the school development. There have been 6 school annual day celebrations courtesy the community development and thanks to the volunteers. The efforts today affect the lives of 10,400 children directly and more of them waiting to be influenced by their peers at home.

7 mandals


26 schools

Kalwakurthy mandal
1) Girls High School Kalwakurthy
2) Govt High school Kalwakurthy
3) ZPHS Kalwakurthy
4) ZPHS Marchaal

Veldanda Mandal
1) ZPHS Veldanda
2) Girls High School Veldanda
3) ZPHS Peddapoor
4) ZPHS Taandra

Vangoor Mandal
1) ZPHS Vangoor

Midjil mandal
1) ZPHS Midjil
2) ZPHS Madaram

Amangal Mandal
1) ZPHS Amangal
2) Girls High School Amangal
3) ZPHS Kadtaal
4) ZPHS Ekvaipally
5) ZPHS Akutotapally

Madugul mandal
1) ZPHS Madugul
2) ZPHS Kolkulapalli
3) ZPHS Irwin
4) ZPHS Avoorpally
5) ZPHS Irvin
6) ZPHS Nagilla

Talakondapally mandal
1) ZPHS Talakondapalli
2) ZPHS Chukkapoor
3) ZPHS Pelzaaal
4) ZPHS Padakal

6 Annual days

1) Kolkulpally
2) Kalakonda
3) Irwin
4) Ekwaipally
5) Kadtal
6) Veldanda

Sept 5th ‘06
Guru pooja
1956 school, all teachers that taught n retired have been felicitated
VMF inaugurated
Aluminii of the school which was the lone school for 7 mandals in and around has come forward to contribute and support schools.

Ayyasagar temple 9th july 2007
1000 children slates notebook, slate pencil, pencil, saraswathy prasadam
Pledge by parents
Pledge by community leaders

Balaram nagar primary school Kalwakurthy, June 07
150 children
Slates and slate pencils,
40 dresses
Rag pickers counseling and mainstreamed to schools
Parent’s pledge
Swarna bharathi cultural troup

ZPHS Kolkulapally, Madugul mandal10th july 2007 (Blue dress)
Counseling by Vandemataram volunteers for 8th , 9th, 10th students

ZPHS Madugul (green dress), 10th July 2007
Counseling by Vandemataram volunteers for 8th , 9th, 10th students

HIV affected Children identified
Village Timminenipally, Veldanda mandal
No: 3
Children: Sambaiah- 14 years, Paramesh-10 years, Ashok – 8 years, Anjaneyulu-6 years
Parents: Vadde Narayya, Vadde lakshmamma HIV infected , dead
No shelter living in a milk booth
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