Mobile science laboratory project

Project visit report : Mr Madhav reddy

19th June 2007, Day 1:

Mumbai: I reached Mumbai and contacted the Project co-ordinator of Vasundhara Mr Rajiv varthak at his residence. The meeting lasted for 1 hour and we discussed in detail the various intricacies involved in the project. The project is executed in Sindhudurg area near to Goa (on the west coast of Maharashtra). The time of my visit was summer vacation so had no chance to go there. Mr varthak wanted us to comeback in August for a more first and experience and workshop the date of which would be mutually convenient and agreed upon. The current project which is a sample and would give similar glimpse according to Mr Varthak was the Vigyan vahini in Pune. So our next stop was Pune. I collected some contact details of the Vigyan vahini project for further Pursual.

I collected some sample experiments and the simple tools involved in them. Like the Magnetic balance, and the shapes with match sticks.


At around 2:00 P.m. the same day with reference from Mr Varthak I made an appointment with Mr Aravind Gupta, University of pune.
Books and Toys
Mr Aravind Gupta is one of the pioneers in Science education and spreading the scientific temper among the Youth and general public. He has been working on toys and books that are cheap and simple for a while. He has been conducting several experiments and studies at the Pune university campus. He normally invites school children from around the university campus and promotes the study of such things in the young minds. With reference from Mr varthak I approached him and he showed his works toys out of thrown away refills of ball point pens, rejected bicycle tubes, all types of papers, worn out bathroom slippers, pins, empty tetra-packs, film role cans, cold drink straws, old CDs and useless floppies and innumerable other rejected material found in any household. I have had a meeting with him which lasted for almost 2 hours during which he showed me his works. I collected some of his works.
contact Arvind Gupta, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Ganeshkhind, Pune. Tel: 020-5691414. E-mail to

I made an appointment by evening and contacted Mr Sarath godse, a trust member of the Vigyan Vahini at their office, in Sahakar nagar. From what I have learnt the Vigyan Vahini team draws a schedule of the school visits and intimates the concerned school three months in advance and of course every school has a copy of the calendar. After looking at the calendar Mr Sarath asked me to come back the next morning to have first hand information of the project.

20th june 2007

I visited one such school the next day near Pune at Kurangwadi, 45 from the city. The project visit team of 5 members including a chemistry teacher Mrs Snehal gudse, Physics teacher Mr. Bhadbhade, Mr Jog, Biology teacher Mrs Palkar, Mr Prabhu and two trainee students smitha and Nishanthi started at 10:00 A.M. At the school, the school teachers were waiting for the team. The school children according to their class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th as per scheduled were given classes. Apart from that there was an audio visual presentation with the help of suitable projector and equipment in the mini bus (TATA mini Bus). The students watched the film and did experiments in rotation. The most encouraging and satisfactory thing was the involvement and enthusiasm of the students and their interactions with the Vigyan Vahini staff.

One striking feature was that all the teachers that accompanied us were retired teachers with lots of experience. This experience seems to have touched a chord with the students. The visit ended at about 3.00 P.m.


701-B, Kshitij, Plot 87A-1-1, Sahakarnagar

No. 2, Pune 411009

Tel: (20)-2422-2127, 2428-1134




22nd June 2007

The third and final leg of the visit was in Hyderabad 23rd June 2007 where with reference of Vigyan Vahini trust I made an appointment with one Dr. Vishwanath Gokte, an Optholomist. Despite his busy schedules Dr Gokte established a science lab for school children at Barkatpura and is also running a Mobile laboratory for poor school children. He is working on the Mobile science lab project in Hyderabad in association with Vigyan Vahini. Mrs Gatke is a professor in Biology and they both together work for science among school children. They personal look after the lab at Barkatpura while a team of volunteers work on Mobile laboratory. Dr. Gatke has prepared a syllabus wise experiments schedule in association with school teachers in accordance with the school syllabus. This feature while raising the understanding of children has also won the hearts and minds of the children. This particular model of the Gatkes’ has touched me and I strongly feel would work wonders and suit the school children here in Andhra Pradesh.

24th June 2007

School teachers Visit

After the visit to Dr gatke’s laboratory I felt I should let some teachers look at the model and let it be replicated. I have arranged for a visit of 8 teachers from kalwakurthy and SPR schools Ghatkesar to Dr Gatkes’ lab. The teachers were impressed and discussed at large on the implementation and feasibility of such a model for further replication back at their schools.

18th July 2007

Visit to IICT

An alumini of Govt High school, Kalwakurthy Mr Krishna Reddy is a retired Director of IICT, now he is a consultant with the same institution. He has been involved in the activities of the Vandemataram Foundation for a while. I went to meet him and discussed at length on the implementation of the project Mobile Science lab. Mr Krishna Reddy is of the view that he would arrange every day 2 research scholars to accompany with the Mobile Science Lab. That way even the research scholars would benefit. Also the students of the Govt schools selected will be given access to the IICT for more exposure and awareness of the institutions and scientific research efforts in the country.

Reference links from Sri Satyapalji: (

http://www.indiatog 2007/jun/ env-sirsirwh. htm
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