Summer School

An Estimate of the project to be taken up.....

Summer School

During summer there is a vacation for 1½ months and they waste time by enjoying and say good-bye to their previous classes. They go for swimming to nearby wells, rivers and canals and they are loosing their lives. This was the case in the previous 2 years. Thus, in order to prevent these incidents and to make summer vacation a useful one we are planning to give overall personality development to the students which include discipline, moral values,patriotism etc., Hence, Vandemataram Foundation have planned to organize Summer Schools to children at rural areas.

Experiences of last year:
Foundation gave training to the village co-coordinators in the last year.
Village coordinators later trained the students to develop their patriotism, practiced patriotic songs, games, personality development, fine arts, yoga, meditation, basic foundation to develop their overall skills.
From 8AM to 11 AM we conducted these activities at 32 schools in Warangal District.
7100 students participated in the camp and utilized to their maximum extent.

The students who underwent this summer camp, later participated in their school activities like essay writing, games, cultural events etc., and won 1st and 2nd prizes in the competition.
They were given a high class grade for their discipline, positive relationship between student friends and whole hearted respect to their faculty.
Thus, these activities lead to good deal and so incidents occurred like loosing lives, no deviations from society and no addicted to bad habits. They participated in “Shramadhanam” like cleanliness, plantation etc.,

Training Centers:
Based on the previous results, we planned to conduct Summer School in 100 schools of Warangal district, and planned to give training to 300 people (3 for each school)

Budget Estimation for the year 2007

300 village coordinators - 3 days training

1 village coordinator(3 days and 2 sessions food) - 3*2=6 meals

1 meal cost - Rs. 15

I village coordinator meals cost for 3 days - 15*6= Rs.90 /-

300 village coordinators cost - 90*300 = Rs.27, 000/-

3 times breakfast (Rs.5 for each) - 3*5*300 = Rs.4, 500/-

Tea ( 3days twice – Rs.2 each) - 3*2*2*300=Rs.3, 600/-

TA (Traveling alliance for trainers) - Rs.2,000/-

TOTAL --------------------------- Rs.37, 100 /-


Material needed for village coordinators.

“Pedda Bala Shiksha” book – (Rs.100/-)
“Archana” book (Rs.25/-)
“Bala Bharathi” books(No. 20) (Rs.160/-)
TOTAL Rs.285/- (for one school)
For 100 schools 100*285=Rs.28, 500/-
Traveling Alliances for Members:
TA to and fro - Rs.50/- each

For 300 members - 50*300= Rs.15, 000/-


Meals - Rs.27, 000/-
Breakfast - Rs.4, 500/-
Tea - Rs.3, 600/-
Trainers - Rs.2, 000/-
Material - Rs.28, 500/-
TA for coordinators - Rs.15, 000/-

TOTAL - Rs.80,100/-

After the completion of 50 days summer camp we promise you to send all the particulars like photos, paper cuttings from reputed local papers and details of number of students attended the camp, training details, students feedback about the camp will be sent।

Minimum Facilities to a School
Library - Rs.5, 000/-
Science Lab - Rs.5, 000/-
Teaching Material - Rs.2, 000/-
Drinking Water - Rs.7, 000/-
Toilets - Rs.5, 000/-
Annual Day Celebrations - Rs.3, 000/-
Prathibha Awards - Rs.3, 000/-
TOTAL (for 1 school in a mandal) Rs.30, 000/-
For 5 schools in a mandal:
30, 000*5 = Rs.1, 50, 000/-
Askshara - Rs. 1, 20, 000/-
Kishori - Rs.35, 00, 000/-
Study Center - Rs. 6, 00, 000/-
Medical tests - Rs. 20, 000/-
Adyayana kendram - Rs. 2, 00, 000/-
TOTAL - Rs. 44, 40, 000
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