Vandemataram Foundation:

A better School a beeter Society

New Freedom struggle against illiteracy

India Vision 2020! With literacy rate of 61% national average and ranked at the bottom of Human Development Index, does it sound possible atleast near to possibility?
“ A developed India by 2020 is possible only through people’s participation and children are the nucleus of this transformation“ - H.E. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, doesnt it seem hopefully better. This is what has motivated the Foundation a unit of Seva Bharathi to fight for the child rights and contribute its mite in the India 2020 vision of the President Kalam.

“What we do is just visit the school, post office, anganwadi center in the village once in a while without actually intruding” says a volunteer of the Vandemataram Foundation. Nobody knows better than the villagers themselves who today not only look up to the volunteers but act as a volunteer themselves.

Thats a simple story of simple success by a few young volunteers all in their 20s. The visits have changed lives of the children and their schools in the villages. All it needed was communityparticipation and it started with ‘I’ and ‘us’. It has been one year of achievement however small though until Oct 2005, the volunteers worked out their mission and are still on their way. With a total of 400 volunteers toiling day in and day out selfless the mission seems to be in the range of sight.

Networking schools for social transformation is the slogan of the foundation, with a resolve to fulfil the Millenium development goals that have been promised to be achieved by 2015.The foundation with the inspiration of His Excellency the President of India is working for the betterment of children and their education. A new freedom struggle this time against the poverty and illiteracy is influencing 100 schools in interior Varadannpet zone of Warangal District.

The dropout rate has fallen steep down and the attendance of teachers climbing up and the performance of school as a unit is spreading smiles. Awarding the schools that perform, rewarding the teachers that achieve through their students and encouraging schools that nurture the future leaders for a better tommorrow the foundation has taken great strides in making a difference.

The world is struggling against many things among others are illiteracy and child rights exploitation which directly affect the world tomorrow.

Vandemataram signifies a struggle with one voice a battle cry for freedom that ultimately achieved the right of the common man, his basic rights. That is just the reason why this project is named Vandemataram Foundation.

Now its just the time to rise in one voice for a battle on illiteracy and child abuse in whatever form. The school is the nucleus of the nation’s heart and a child tommorrows citizen is moulded here. The foundation would like to attempt a change right at the roots of the structure, for a better tomorrow.

The movement Vandemataram has sprouted in Oct 2005 in waradannapet, warangal district after looking at the enormous numbers of child labourers and child marriages. Thanks to a the wise times from H.E. President Kalam, he has not only touched our hearts but moved us deep down. Today there are millions of young and old alike whom he inspired and we are proud to be in the league of inspired and implimenting. To make India strong enough to face a tougher tommorrow and a begining to a happy new India a school is where we started to work.

In India on an average 22% of upper primary schools are 3 k.m. away from the habbitations and 50% dropout even before reaching class 5.

Not just literacy but Education with values that are universal and satisfy equality of humanity and the Vedic verses of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM.
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