Vandemataram Foundation Activity cum Impact report:

The Vandemataram Foundation has been at the forefront of Childrights and School Empowerment with grass rootlevel interactions and right to Information campaigns. Heres a list of Activities and their impact during the past 6 months.But the Organisation is still running short of funds, we would like to appeal to all our friends to please go through the Activity cum impact report and support the activities for further more effective implimentation as well as empowerment.

Vandemataram Foundation Activity cum Impact report:

The Foundation has supplied “All-in-one” an examination material to 9000 students who are appearing for the exams consisting of 1500 pages.
The cost of each material is Rs.150/-.
TOTAL : 9000 X 150 = 1350000 (i.e) 13.50 Lakhs
The Total amount was given by the donors.

72 schools are making special study hours for the students till 10PM everyday. With this there was a drastic change in the result. Previously the result has not crossed even 60%. Due to enhanced study hours the result has raised to more than 90%. 10 schools have secured 100% result.

Nearly 540 Orphan students in 100 different schools are given shelter & also providing required help with the help of 120 Organizations.

18 Orphan students who are economically backward are admitted in different corporate colleges to pursue their higher education like Intermediate, Engineering, Medicine & the Foundation has made all the arrangements for the completion of their course.

The Foundation has joined 1600 Child labour in the schools.

Along with this 5582 students has newly started their carrier as a students & made an oath both with the students and their parents that they would continue to study till the end.

During summer vacation The Foundation has decided to have special classes for 15,000 students in 42 schools which enhances not only in their academic part but also in their Self-confidence, Co-circular & Extra Circular activities & interested students are given Martial Arts training. This runs for a period of one month. This training also includes awareness to prohibition of bad hobbies.

Due to Chicken Guinea disease, the %age of attending students to the schools has suddenly declined. When we came to know regarding this issue along with 50,000 students and parents The Foundation has supplied FREE Homeo Medicine to literally 5.5 Lakhs people.

The Bus which is used to run daily from Tirmalayapalli via Konduru Gannaram has been banned. Due to this reason the students are facing a great problem since 2 months. Students were not able walk for 7 kilometers and attend the school. There were 135 girls who were dependent on this bus. The Foundation spoke to RTC and busses started to run again.
Now, % of students attending to the schools has drastically increased from the range of (60-70) % to (70-80) %.

Due to vast increment the responsibility among Teachers have also increased. Now teachers are coming regularly to the schools, remaining in the school till the last time.

Even villagers are feeling much responsibility towards schools. The villagers collected some amount and painted their school building. This scene is applicable to 6 schools.

In villages, there are child marriages. This is the culture still going on. Every year above 4000 child marriages are happening in the District of Warangal. The Foundation has stopped 65 Child marriages in 100 schools.

The Alumni Students have collected some fund to re-construct the school building.
40% of the students used to have bad hobbies like chewing Tobacco, Smoking, Drinking, Robbery, Playing Cards, Watching Blue films, Indiscipline etc., These were reduced to maximum extent.

The activities which are conducted by the Foundation have attracted the villages & they are showing much interest to join their children in Government schools rather than Private schools. In this effect, the private schools in Kolanpalli, Anantharam and Kothapalli have stopped running this year.

In order to protect environment, 30,000 plantations has been done in 100 villages.
In Academic project 600 members educated 1200 members in 5 months.
In order to enhance the 10th Standard result the Foundation has conducted “Prathibha Examinations”. In this regard 8250 students participated and announced the result.

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