A letter of Appeal

Respected Sir,

Sub: Vandemataram Foundation-Reg

I, GAruna kranthi, Joint Secretary for Vandemataram Foundation, working as Asst.Professor in SR Engineering College sending you the details and deeds of Vandemataram Foundation.

Among all the sense organs “EYES” a major role for a prosperous life. Many children are facing many problems regarding Eyes due to lack of knowledge and many don’t know how to protect them. At the age of 7 or 8 children are facing maximum problems. Due to this they are not able to expose themselves to sunlight and continuously Water run from their eyes…….At these stages children are not in a position to study...and they are leading a pity life. As the problems are not cured at the early stages, the problem goes on increasing as their age goes on. Children who have this problem at 5th Standard….it continues even up to 10th standard. They are not in a position to read their book continuously for at least 30 minutes. Statistically among 100 children there are 26 children who are facing this problem. Now Vandemataram Foundation has adopted 100 Government schools from 10 Mandals and trying to provide all the basic needs regarding education, individual needs and also concentrating on the health of the students. The Foundation also started a survey in which it enumerates the critical problems among those 100 schools in 10 mandals.

In order to overcome this problem, with the help of some donors The Foundation is ready to provide free spectacles, food items, Vitamin A & D capsules for nearly 50,000 students. For enhancement of this implementation among thousands of students The Foundation requests all the Donors to provide the need with a kind heart.

The details of the Eye Camp are in the next page:


4 groups 8 ophthalmologists
4 days for 1 mandal

Morning 1 school
Evening 1 school
1 group Associated with 2 foundation members
& they are trained by ophthalmologists

1 school 2 ophthalmologists & 2 members


Ophthalmologists conducts test
Distributes spectacles for the need
Awareness regarding health, eye protection
Presentation on Eye diseases & problems
Help from:

Dr.Ranga Reddy Lions “Eye” Hospital donars are providing the following help for the Camp:

Providing Ophthalmologists
Transport facilities
Requirements for the Eye Camp

8 Ophthalmologists
Housing and lunch for Ophthalmologists are provided by the Foundation members in association with people.
Vitamin ‘A’ & ‘D’ capsules for 50,000 students
1 student ⇨ 10 capsules

50,000 students ⇨ 5, 00,000 capsules

1,000 capsules ⇨ Rs.60/-
1 student ⇨ Rs 0.60 ( 60 paise)
1 Camp ⇨ Rs 200/-
100 schools ⇨ 100* 200 = Rs 20,000/-
Banners & Photos( Inaugural ceremony) ⇨ Rs 2,000/-
Eye Camp ( Valedictory Ceremony) ⇨ Rs 3,000/-
Ophthalmologists and spectacles are provided by Dr.Ranga Reddy Lion Hospital.
Transportation charges
total expenditure

For conducting the camp:

For one eye camp Rs 200*100 ⇨ Rs 20,000/-
Eye Camp Inaugural Ceremony ⇨ Rs 2,000/-
Eye camp Valedictory Ceremony ⇨ Rs 3,000/-

TOTAL ⇨ Rs25,000/-

For Medicines (Vitamin A & D Capsules):

50,000 students ⇨ 5 Lakh capsules
5,00,000 capsules ⇨ Rs 30,000/-
“EYE DROPS” ⇨ Rs 2,000/-

TOTAL ⇨ Rs 32,000/-


Conducting ⇨ Rs 25,000/-
Medicines ⇨ Rs 32,000/-

TOTAL ⇨ Rs 57,000/- for 50,000


On each student the Expenditure is Rs 1.14 ps
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