Vandemataram Foundation (A Unit of Seva Bharathi) based in Warangal District and working for the All round improvement of the village through the improvement in the School (both Primary & Upper Primary as well as High schools) has been able to make a considerable impact on the district administration as well as the villagers.

The Foundation working with the inspiration and ideals of the Hon. President H. E. Abdul kalam has in the first phase selected 100 schools of the district for their programme.The schools in the division of Varadannapet are the only source of education for the children who are from a very poor background. The effect of the foundation has been found to be a positive impact. The teacher attendance as well as the student drop out coupled with lack of infrastructure added to the under performance of the schools for the past several years. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers of Vandemataram Foundation (a minor but Qualitative intervention like just visiting the schools every day and noting down the attendance of the children as well as the mid day meal attendance and other govt schemes) things started to improve today the attendance of both students and staff has improved by 28% in the schools.

The Foundation has started its work with a vision to empower the schools of rural India in July 2004 but only started to actually function from October 2004 coinciding with the centenary celebrations of the Vandemataram Movement, which has changed the Indian freedom movement forever. The Movement now has over 214 volunteers, who have been working at various levels including the School level, village level, Mandal, Zone and District levels. Apart from all of them there are the teachers who guide the children and the village elders who keep on coming back to the volunteers for solutions in their village. Most of the Volunteers are independent and truly voluntary (without benefit of a single pie).Thanks to funding agencies like IDRF and Telugu One Foundation today Vandemataram foundation is able to touch 100 villages through the primary schools.

Incidentally Telugu One happens to be the Sponsor of the Movement, which was being run on bare minimum expenses most of which was self-generated by the volunteers. The volunteers most of them college students who have been inspired by the movement work self-less for the betterment of their schools and thus villages. One man who hasn’t been showing off and is the engine behind the movement is Mr Ravinder rao who won the Youth Award for his efforts and contribution to the movement.
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