Empowerment of School Children

Here is the brief view of how and why the Foundation works. Its a very scientific basis on which the foundation works. Totally chalked out Plan of Action (POA) and a clear vision as usual as to what to achieve.
Empowerment of School Children
(Govt UPS & High Schools)

5) Need:
The general level of infrastructure in the Govt run schools is poor.
The faculty attendance and teaching levels are not very convincing.
There’s a need for monitoring the performances by the Foundation’s volunteers.
And it has been proved beyond doubt that the performance levels have been improving since the foundation’s intervention.

The general dropout rate of the children (35 % - 40%) has been at an alarmingly rising levels.
Community participation only can make any project sustainable and the foundation is toiling for it.

Increased levels of community participation in 100 villages taken up by Vandemaataram foundation have yielded results both in terms of infrastructure, performances in teachers and students as well.

There is a need for awareness and capacity building both among the Parents, teachers and the Community at large.

The children deserve better tomorrow and schools are the basic building blocks. We need to strengthen them.

There is the need for volunteers to monitor and co-ordinate the community initiative.

6) Beneficiaries:
The Children poor and vulnerable who otherwise will end up as child labourers.
Both School going as well as dropouts and the never to school children will benefit as the foundation is trying to bring every child out o school to school, and every child in the school to better performance.

The teachers who will have a chance to upgrade themselves and perform their duties better.
The community as whole as the school is the cornerstone of the society. As the foundation will be organizing Aluminii meets and other such programmes that would support the long run sustainability of the school infrastructure.

7) Objectives
To provide quality education to the rural children in Warangal district.
To inculcate moral values, nationalism in a district that’s infested with anti-social elements.
To provide academic support to the students at various levels by counseling.
To strengthen the cultural ethos through a set of extracurricular activities.
To bring the ownership of the community by encouraging them to adopt the Govt schools as their own schools.
To achieve the ideals of Lead-India propounded by Sri Abdul Kalam.
To instill the ideals and teachings of swami Vivekananda.
Specific Measurable objectives:
Increase the enrollment in the 100 schools adopted by Vandemaataram Foundation.
Improve individual performance of the Children (measurable in their marks) through subject wise talent tests.
Improve their sports and cultural performances.
Improve the Infrastructure of the 100 Govt Schools adopted by the foundation.

8) Expected Results:

i) 100 % enrollment in the 100 schools adopted by the Foundation
ii) Infrastructure mobilization & security through community ownership.
A school environment, which would tackle social evils like child marriages, addictions, caste discriminations and other such.
100 Model schools that will stand as inspiration and influence to their peer schools in and around the villages.

9) Methodology

School Level
Every school has a school cabinet consisting 24 children who look after the school on various issues. The school coordinator is the link working to maintain the system smooth There’s a student friendly teacher that guides the cabinet.

Village level
At the village level is the Village coordinator who coordinates with the team of 10 village influential people. He/ she conducts alumnii meetings and brings them to participation in school activities like enrolling the children campaign like child labour awareness campaign, and also mobilize minimum school infrastructure and community ownership.

Mandal level
The mandal level coordinator is the mandal incharge who coordinates the 10 school volunteer as well as village volunteers (20 members) and adopted school student friendly teachers (10 members). He coordinates the School development committee (100 members) for the monthly meetings, plan of action and monthly reviews.

Zone level
The Zone level coordinator has to monitor and supervise three mandals and the coordinator would be active in documenting the activities as well as visit and sit with all his subordinates. He would design & plan in advance along with mandal level and village level coordinators. He acts as a resource person to the whole programme and also would be representing the Foundation at various official and fit occasions.

Project Level
The Project level coordination will be the sole responsibility of the chief supervisor and director of the Working committee. He / She shall travel, meet, coordinate the over all implementation of the project at various levels. Monitor the over all implementations as well as sit with the concerned levels every week preferably Sunday.

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